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Welcome to CHAP Track & Field! We are glad that you have decided to run with us. The following are policies and guidelines that will enable our program to run more smoothly. Please read this list carefully. With a growing number of homeschool families becoming involved in this program, we want you to understand the need for everyone to know our policies and procedures so that things can “run smoothly”.

Open Track Team registration will happen once a year, each March until April 1st for the Spring season.
CHAP Track & Field teams will be coached by volunteer CHAP dads and/or moms.
Teams can accommodate an unlimited number of runners, and there will be no “cuts”. Kids can come to practice for the first week to try it out without committing. However, #kids will not formally be considered part of the Team or allowed to race until their registration form is received with payment for a least 50% of the team registration fee.#
Cost for the season is as follows:
$125 per Sr. High runner, and $100 per Jr. High runner, or a maximum charge of $250 per family for 3 or more runners of any age. You may split your payment of this fee as needed, half of the fee being due with your registration and the remaining balance being due by May 1st midway through the season. These fees will cover the cost of entry fees for the meets we run in, liability insurance (thru CHAP), a few basic coaching/running supplies, and a year-end awards banquet for all team members and their families. This fee does not include the cost of team uniforms.
CHAP Track & Field teams will run in a variety of Invitational meets throughout the mid-Michigan area, but at this time will not be participating in any specific league.
Team uniforms will be purchased separately by each runner/family, and can be kept by runners from year to year, passed down to siblings, or sold used to new incoming team members. Uniforms will include a racing singlet (shirt), running shorts, a team t-shirt, and a warm-up suit. We will try to purchase these items at the best cost we can arrange and organize one annual fundraising event to help families with the cost of purchasing uniforms.
Team members are required to wear running shoes for all practices and meets. Appropriate footwear is vital to healthy, injury free running, and must be purchased/provided by each individual family. Running spikes are optional for meets, and can also be purchased as desired at Playmakers in Okemos.
Parents will be responsible for transporting their children to and from all team practices and meets. Please make every effort to be on time for these events, so as not to hold up the entire team! Carpooling is permissible at your own risk, and CHAP or the Team Coaches shall not be held liable for any accident that may occur while en route to or from a team event.
All coaches, runners, parents and spectators must demonstrate good sportsmanship in conduct and in speech at all times. We aim to honor God in how we represent ourselves.
We will typically practice every day M-F, from 4-6pm at the Holt Middle School Track on Aurelius Rd. Team members must make a good faith effort to be present at 3 practices/wk. minimum, but training every day will produce better fitness and better results.
If you have any question or concerns, please contact Coach Kevin Shoemaker at or (517) 214-9049.

Insurance Waiver & Indemnification – Required for ALL participants
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