Program Fundraiser

Dear Homeschool Athletes and Families:

CHAP provides a fundraising opportunity each year for our CHAP families that is 100% voluntary – the annual CHAP Program Guide. This fundraising activity is designed to help you directly, and the entire CHAP program as a whole. If you wish to raise funds with the CHAP Program Guide, every dollar you raise reduces your participation fee by 80 cents. In other words, 80% of what you raise goes directly toward your participation fees. The remaining 20% is retained by CHAP to cover the production, printing costs of the program guide and administration. If you actually raise more CHAP Program Guide dollars than the level of your participation fee(s), these excess funds will be used to cover the costs of CHAP basketball season that the participation fees do not.

It is a quality booklet which CHAP prints at the beginning of each basketball season containing CHAP team pictures along with ads of different sizes that contain information about our sponsors. The size of the “ad” is determined by the size of the donation a business or individual makes to CHAP. For example, if a business sponsors CHAP for $100, we will print their business card (or other ad they may provide) in our program in 1/8 page size. The larger the donation, the larger the ad. Click Here for the RATE SHEET.

Some CHAP athletes visit local businesses and/or individuals in their neighborhood and kindly ask for their support for the athlete’s homeschool team. Others target businesses that their parents know or patronize and ask for their support by sponsoring an ad in our CHAP Program Guide. We respectfully ask that that you do not take last year’s program guide and start contacting those businesses that advertised last year (other than the businesses that you personally secured their ad last year). There are two main reasons for this. One reason is a courtesy for those athletes who successfully solicited ads last year from a given business. This allows for those families who secured ads from a business last year to be able to return to that business this year to ask for their sponsorship again. A second reason is a courtesy to those businesses who chose to sponsor us last year. Some businesses who have sponsored us in the past have graciously voiced a concern that after placing an ad one year, they had several requests from different CHAP athletes the following year.

For example, you might visit a local business and ask to speak to the manager. The manager comes out and asks how he can help you. You could say:

Hi, may name is _________ and I am a basketball player with the Capital Homeschool Athletic Program (CHAP). Each year CHAP asks for sponsors to help fund our basketball program in exchange for advertisements in our annual CHAP Program Guide. This Guide contains pictures of our teams, ads from sponsors such as you, and they are distributed at all our home games. CHAP is a non-profit organization so your sponsorship would be greatly appreciated! Would you consider placing an ad in this year’s CHAP Program Guide?

With an answer of “yes,” then show the manager the size of ads available (Click Here for the RATE SHEET.). After an ad size is selected, ask if they would like the ad space to contain an exact copy of their business card (and ask for one), or do they have another ad they would like us to use (ALL ads must be PRINT READY). You can collect the donation on the spot or arrange to pick up a check when it is ready (all checks can be made payable to ‘CHAP’). Ads can also be e-mailed to You then leave them with a receipt when you collect the donation. (Click Here for the RECEIPT)

Once you have secured a sponsorship, fill out the sponsor’s information on the advertising spreadsheet (Click Here for the AD SPREADSHEET). When you have completed your CHAP Program Guide fundraising, please email your advertising spreadsheet to All sponsor ad information and donation checks can be mailed to CHAP, 1710 Kingswood Dr., Lansing, MI 48912.

Your CHAP Athletic account will not be credited for your 80% without filling out and turning in the spreadsheet (Click Here for the AD SPREADSHEET).

All ads and donations must be mailed in by December 24. Please remember that any participation fees that were not covered by the program guide fundraiser (80% of all funds raised by this fundraiser are applied to your participation fees) are due by December 24. All participation fees must be paid by January 1, 2014 (unless arrangements for a payment plan have been made).

QUESTIONS? Please don’t hesitate to contact Joe Gonzalez at or 517-896-4401

Click Here for the RATE SHEET.

Click Here for the RECEIPT

Click Here for the AD SPREADSHEET