here is the link to volunteer for Admissions or Concessions:



We are so thank for all the wonderful volunteers who help out with all the CHAP activities. We couldn’t run these programs without their help.

That being said, we are looking for volunteers to help with the CHAP Admissions & (occasionally) Concession stands.


we only charge guests and do not charge CHAP families. The cost is:

$ 3 for adult

$ 2 for child

$ 10 for family

the schedule is such that your team should not be assigned while you are playing (we don’t want to the parents to have to miss their child’s game in order to work admissions).


The stand is fairly straight forward. Kids can help work it as well. And you can usually watch the games without missing much. We will have instructions at the stand, but here are some more details:

Working the Concessions would include:

  • taking money for the items people are purchasing.
  • bringing cinnamon rolls from the oven and maybe baking some more.
  • making coffee and keeping the pot in the gym filled.
  • It could possibly include cooking hot dogs or serving pizza by the slice (if lunch items are needed).

The clean up after half -time of the last game includes:

  • returning the cold items to the cooler
  • boxing the other items up and moving them to the hallway.
  • It may require washing a few dishes – coffee pot, hot dog pan, and cinnamon roll pans.

thanks so much!